Why marriages succeed or fail

Why marriages succeed or fail

The secrets to make yours work and last

JustFiction Edition ( 2021-11-17 )

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Without mincing words, marriage has become a global phenomenon. Everybody is a product of marriage, and it is known and practiced in all the continents of the world. It is not new or strange to our society.The intention of marriage to our world by the Creator is meant to meet human needs. Marriage is meant to solve the problem of companionship and not to destroy lives.Everybody wants their marriages to be blissful and triumph, not a tragedy. Unfortunately, man’s enemy wants a tragedy, and we need to increasingly aware of the subtle and strategies he tries to destroy homes and lives. Failure to know this, will cause problem in marriage.The coming together of two people into one harmonious marriage is a process that takes times. It takes time for two people in marriage to know each other.The Creator will bring two people together and make them to become one flesh. The truth is, making a relationship work is hard and can be difficult, sometimes painful. Avoiding bad marriage might not be easy, but it can be achieved.Whether you are a single person, newly married or married for years, the time is right to discover how God can transform your marriage...

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