In Search of Genderless Society

In Search of Genderless Society

JustFiction Edition ( 2021-10-31 )

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This is a play that advocates for the rights of marginalized people in society, especially women and youth. The book explores problems which women and youth face in different societies. In the play, there is a royal family whose king (king Mbwadzulu) is mysteriously killed, leaving a young daughter or princess named Mary who suffers at the hands of her cruel uncle. Among other things, she is denied of her own rights to take over the mantle after the death of her father simply because she is a woman. Her uncle believes that Mary cannot become the ruler or queen, simply because she is a woman. As far as he is concerned, she believes that women are not as important as men. In this society, women are considered as second citizens. They are not allowed to make decisions, hold important positions and are discouraged from attending education. This book tries to put an end to these social injustices on women and youths. There are women and youth in this play who are determined to change their situations for the better. We see that women and youth show the quest for agency and representation in attempt to change their situations. Johanna and Mary among other youths in this play...

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Thomas Ezala Yohane

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Narrative literature