Successful marriage is made to all families but not available to all families. This is because you must decode the principles that make marriage successful. The secrets to a successful marriage are not cheap.Any marriage that is succeeding today are paying prices. The prices are not cheap. It takes those who are diligent and wise to decode them. Inability to decode them will bring frustration, separation and divorce.We reign by the knowledge we apply. Marriage has secrets that make it work. The knowledge that makes marriages are universal. Once you know them, you begin to enjoy the blessing of marriage. Our world is filled with failed marriages today because of lack of understanding.Lack of understanding disallow couples not to commit to their marriages. Any marriage that lacks commitment will fail eventually. Don’t just be happy that you are married or your title has changed from “Miss” to “Mrs.” or “Master” to “Mr.”. There are a lot of responsibilities that are attached to marriage.Be determined to pursue knowledge and apply them in your life and marriage. I will be showing you some keys that make marriage successful.

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Tobi I. Adesokan

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Narrative literature